Best Places In The World (That Aren’t New England) To See The Fall Leaves Change Color

Vermont and Maine aren’t the only places to experience the beautiful change in the color of leaves during the fall. The stereotype of New England or Germany having the perfect autumn leaves is true, however, there are many other places that experience the magical transformation into fall.

Head to these amazing destinations whose vibrant autumn color schemes will completely take your breath away. 

If it’s too late to plan for this year’s fall getaway, this is the perfect inspiration for next year’s plans.

Denali National Park, Alaska

fall travels

Head up to Denali before the first snow reaches the valley to see some crazy, vibrant reds, yellows, and oranges. The contrast with the snowcapped mountains is enough to imprint on your memory forever. Endless outdoor adventures await you in this beautiful Alaskan park.

Umbria, Italy

fall leaves

The trellises of grapevines take on an intense orange and fiery hue during the early fall months. Get there in October for the most vibrant colors. You can find hotels in autumn for as low as $36.

British Columbia, Canada


The curving highway that runs through the majestic Rocky Mountains along Canada’s southern region of British Columbia is one of the most epic fall experiences you could ever have. Hike the Plain of Six Glaciers Trail behind Lake Louise and enjoy some hot tea and soup at a teahouse at the top!

Bavaria, Germany

fall leaves

Bavaria, Germany is the perfect place to go during the fall if you want to see some mind-blowing colors, and some castles straight out of a fairytale. There are tons of castle tours and day trips that will give you the full fall experience in the most whimsical location ever.

Nara, Japan


Temples as old as time and radiant colors make Nara, Japan an unforgettable fall destination. Nara has a ton of ancient history and was once the imperial capital of Japan. This is a great untraditional fall destination.

Moscow, Russia

Autumn Gold by the eyes of Cathedral

The intense fall colors with the Russian cathedrals in the background is a view that you’ll never forget. The fall leaves are the colors of a sunset and it’s the most amazing sight to witness before the snow covers the ground for months. You can find hotels for as low as $16/night or as expensive as high as $1,000/night or more.

Patagonia, Argentina

fall leaves

This region’s fall season occurs between March and May. It’s the perfect time to explore an intensely beautiful area of the world during a time when many other tourists will sit out. The vivid fall colors are often missed by many. Amazing boutique hotels can be found for just $29.

Central Otago, New Zealand

fall leaves

This wine-growing region of New Zealand is best known for its pinot noirs. The grapevines and trees all turn a fiery and intense bright yellow and orange during their fall season from late March to early June. Dozens of budget to high-end wineries and restaurants are scattered about the region.


Source: Travel and Leisure

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