10 Cheap Destinations To Visit If You’re Broke And Want To Travel The World

You don’t have to be rich to explore some of the most amazing destinations this world has to offer. In fact, you don’t even have to be kinda rich. There are some incredibly beautiful places out there that are dirt cheap to visit.

So, what are you waiting for? Pack those bags and go!

1. Albania

cheap destinations

Splurging for a trip to the Greek Isles or Sicily might be a bit out of your budget. No worries! Head to Albania instead — you’ll find gorgeous beaches that are way cheaper than most European coastlines. Find cheap accommodations starting from only $5
Check out Hotel Mangalemi in Berat, it’s one of Albania’s best values.

2. Costa Rica

cheap destinations

The flights aren’t long from the U.S. and once you’re there? You can live frugally with just a few tips in mind. Take public transportation, it’s wicked cheap. There’s plenty of hiking and exploring around the country that won’t cost you a thing — Manuel Antonio National Park and Corcovado National Park only cost several bucks to visit. This list of cheap eats in Jaco will make your mouth water.

3. Morocco

cheap destinations

If you’re looking for a serious culture shock without breaking the bank — head to Morocco, one of Africa’s most affordable countries. Enjoy a delicious meal from $2.50 – $20 for two people. Two people! That includes appetizers, entrees, and all the mint tea you could ever want. Browse a list of affordable Moroccan hotels here.

4. Madrid, Spain


Compared to many other countries in Europe, Spain is surprisingly affordable. The cheapest months to visit are April, May, September, and October. Delicious tapas (shareable plates) and authentic wine can be enjoyed at El Xampanyet for about €10-15 per person. Check out the 10 best cheap eateries in Madrid here.

5. Crete, Greece

cheap destinations

If you’re going to go to Greece, pass over the typical Santorini or Mykonos visits — head straight to Crete instead. Picture the freshest seafood you could ever imagine and some gorgeous beaches to boot. The U.S. dollar is strong against the euro, and because of their economic crisis, it’s much cheaper than many other parts of Europe. The Villa Diasselo Apartments has rooms for only $14 a night.

6. Bangkok, Thailand

cheap destinations

By far, hands down, one of the cheapest, most amazing places to travel in the world. Bangkok is home to delicious street food starting from around $1. You can also find hostels from $5 and hotels for around $10 all the way up to the most expensive ones you can imagine. Plus? Flights are crazy affordable to other Asian countries from this hub. The extremely well-reviewed Glur Bangkok Hostel has a bed for you starting at just $9.

7. Buenos Aires

cheap destinations

Buenos Aires is fabulous to visit if you’re trying to save your dough — it’s super walkable! But, if you did want to take a taxi, it should only cost you between $5-8. You can find hostels for just $11 and hotels from around $18. Oh, and you can eat some delicious empanadas for only $2. Want some tips on eating cheap in Buenos Aires? Check this out.

8. Cambodia

cheap destinations

Getting to Cambodia can be a little bit expensive, not to mention a bit of a pain the ass but — it’s totally worth it. Once you’re there? You can live like royalty. Delicious meals can be eaten for under $1 and Tuk Tuk rides around the cities will cost you around the same. Why not splurge a little and take a ride down the Mekong? There are 16 airports in Cambodia! Browse flight prices here.

9. Belize


Want to feel like you’re rich but you don’t actually have to spend the big bucks? Belize is your place. You can find incredible 4-star hotels for under $100 and two people can eat at an upscale restaurant for around $30 — and that’s with wine! Not to mention, their beaches are glorious. Need ideas on what to do in Belize? Look no further (and they’re cheap!)

10. Lisbon, Portugal

cheap destinations

If you go to this gorgeous Spanish city from mid-spring to early-fall you can generally find some killer airfare deals. You can live out your dreams by ordering a bottle of wine and entree at an adorable cafe on the historic streets for around $6. You can also book a great hotel room for less than $30. Lisbon has some delicious cheap eats. Cheak out some of the best here.

So — no more excuses! Get out and travel!


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